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My name is Robert Perlaky (56) of Hungary. I have been researching history of the Perlaky family originated from Perlak for the last couple of years. During ages I managed to collect a lot of information about the family and its history.  This website is a summary of the information found in research.

In the first  time I dealt  mainly with the evangelical branch of the family, but recently I have been contacted by members of the catholic branch.  With their kind favor, there is a copy of a family tree in my possession.  The family tree was made by Mihaly Perlaky in the 1930’s.  It goes back to Istvan Perlaky (~1590) and includes more than 800 names.

You can read the brief history of the family here.

The family trees (descendants of Perlaky-Horváth István and descendants of Perlaky György) were elaborated by me, and it can be seen on this page (in English):

Family tree – catholic     (the required access code is: phf)

Family tree – evangelic  (the required access code is: evang)

Broken family trees (ancestors)

If you have any photos or documents relating to the Perlaky family  to share, you can send me via e-mail and I will upload it..


Robert Perlaki, 2009


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